Certainly, the fungus are amongst us! As we have begun to use medicinal mushrooms in our everyday meals and as health foods, nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals, it is becoming abundantly clear that fungi not only possess powerful immunity boosting capabilities, but also many other documented medicinal benefits. This includes their amazing ability to protect us against pathogenic viruses and bacteria, and suppress cancer cells due to their strong immunomodulating effects. Plus much more! See chart at the bottom of this page for a complete list.
Beta-D-glucans are a naturally occurring structural component in the cell walls of mushrooms, mycelium, yeast and certain bacteria.  Research has shown that Beta-glucans trigger BOTH innate and adaptive immunity. This allows our body to focus and energize our immune powers so to prevent and treat infections of all kinds -viral, bacterial, parasitic, and even infections caused by other species of pathogenic fungi!
Beta Glucans work in our Body’s small intestine because it has the appropriate receptors for entry
  1. Beta-D-Glucans pass through M cells in the intestinal cell wall; they are absorbed by macrophages and broken down into activated particles.
  2. Macrophages are mobile; and can carry activated beta-glucan particles to tumor cells around the body, to individual organs, and to the bone marrow, where immune stem cells are produced.
  3. Activated beta-glucan particles bind to tumor cells, viruses, and bacteria, marking them for destruction by macrophages, granulocytes, T-Cells, natural killer (NK) cells, and the antibodies produced by B-Cells.


Lions Mane – Chaga - Turkey Tail – Dirty Dozen 12 Mushroom Blend
All of our new Mushroom Extracts are 100% pure medicinal mushrooms that contain NO FILLERS, and amazingly high concentrations of Beta-glucans, Triterpenoids, Sterols, Statins, Nucleosides and Secondary Metabolites! Always less than 5% Protein means you are getting the purest, highest concentration of the essential medicinal components -all of which are at the forefront of current clinical mushroom research!
All Mushroom Extracts are Certified Kosher, Halal Certified, USDA Organic, and HACCP Tested.

What’s important when selecting a Medicinal Mushroom Product?

Substrate Matters! ~ Substrate is the material upon which the Mycelium or Mushrooms are grown. We use methods which replicate the traditional methods for growing medicinal mushrooms for the past 2 millennia! Whereas most products you find in the US Market use Grain Substrate to grow Mycelium which is subsequently harvested for its medicinal values -which are LOW due to its high Protein content!
Why? – Testing shows that most Mycelium based products which were grown on grain have an average of 20% protein! For comparison purposes, our products never contain more than 5% protein. The higher the protein levels, the less active medicinal compounds in the product. We have yet to find a product more potent than ours!
Reishi Juncao – Our Reishi is grown from a Patented Substrate of 42 organic herbs. This is the ONLY WAY to create the all important Secondary Metabolites which provide the incredible synergistic immunological effects!
Mycelium vs Fruiting Bodies – In traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, ONLY FRUITING BODIES were used. Mycelium cultivation of Fungi is a modern invention which unfortunately, based on testing, does not compare to traditional methods which produce substantially more Beta-Glucans, Triterpenes, Polysaccharides and many additional Secondary Metabolites.